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The Africa Oasis Project (AOP) is an aggressive effort to respond to the critical problem of inadequate and unsafe water creating high-risk in the lives of people throughout Africa.

Faith-based - An approved effort of U.S. Assemblies of God World Missions-Africa, partnering with a vast network of 45,000 local congregations throughout Africa as community touch points.

Compassionate - Intentionality in operating as an expression of the compassionate nature of Jesus Christ through His Church.

Accountable - A strong, planned accountability in finances, ethics and openness to recipients and investors.

Check the Regions

The Maghreb

The Maghreb - means “place of sunset” or “western” in Arabic.

The term loosely applies to those nations north of the Sahara Desert with strong ethnic connections to the Middle East. Read More

West Africa

Like many other regions of Africa and the world, West African children suffer from very preventable diseases… if only adequate, clean water were available. Take the problem of trachoma for example. Read More

East Africa

In East African nations, as in other areas as well, women and girls are disproportionately impacted by the problem of inaccessible water. Read More

Central Africa

Clean consumable water is rare in most of Africa, even though several major rivers cross the continent and some of the largest freshwater lakes in the world are found there. Read More

Southern Africa

The famous Zambezi River, and Victoria Falls, listed as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, provide Southern Africa with a water landmark of epic proportions! Read More


Read The News

Recycler Transforms Trash to Liquid Treasure

Raheem Huseinbhai, a high school sophomore, spent nine months collecting bottles, aluminum cans and plastics for a special cause. Multiple hours were invested each week collecting and sorting everything to be taken to a local recycling center for cash payments. … Read More

Prisoners Partner for Clean Water in Africa

Dr. Sam Huddleston, Assemblies of God leader in Northern California/Nevada, recently accepted a speaking invitation at the infamous Soledad Prison. Three chapel services offered Huddleston opportunities to talk about the serious water needs he saw first hand … Read More